Hi, I'm Tiffany!

I'm a frontend engineer & I'm passionate about building well-designed websites

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A bit about myself...

I'm a frontend engineer who has a passion for building well-designed websites. I love to learn and have been teaching myself how to code since I was 13. My main interest lies in web development because I enjoy watching my ideas come to life on a wide range of devices.

When I'm not coding, I like to read books and play tetris with my calendar to fit more into my day.


Productivity Tools

A web app with a suite of tools.

Languages: Python, JavaScript, Sass
Technologies: Django Rest Framework, ReactJS

Django Rest Framework, ReactJS, Sass

Screenshot of eatsgood.


A hackathon project for online cookouts.

Languages: Python, HTML, Sass
Technologies: Django, Firebase

Django, Firebase, Sass

Let's Go On An Adventure!

An interactive story about an adventure.

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Technologies: Twine

Twine, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Screenshot of decori.


A design project of a marketing website.

Languages: HTML, Sass
Technologies: Figma

HTML, Sass, Figma

Tiffany's Resume.